In a Pinch Thursdays: Pear & Brie Panini w/ Maple Syrup Cinnamon Dressing

Pear & Brie Panini w/ Maple Syrup CInnamon Dressing

Pear & Brie Panini w/ Maple Syrup CInnamon Dressing

We already have leaves falling from the trees around our house.  This makes me happy minus the part where we have to rake them all up and bag them.  It starts out as a fun fallish task and turns into, “is this ever going to end?”  We have many giant oak trees both in front and in back of our house that produce a monster amount of leaves.  Last year, my mom was in town and we had the grand idea of trying to rake all of the leaves up and bag them to surprise Jonathan (he was out of town at the time) before he returned.  We bought shiny new rakes and tons of black garbage bags and then about five minutes into the process my mom spotted a leaf removal service down the street.  $80 later, we were lounging in my living room and the whole yard was clean as a whistle!

SO back to the point of this post which was Pear & Brie Paninis.  I have these food revelations throughout the day and this was one that popped into my head a couple of weeks back as the leaves started to fall.  The saltiness and creaminess of the brie mixed with the sweetness of the pears and maple syrup dressing made it a perfect panini for me.  I feel like sending a shout out to Food Network’s The Sandwich King so he can praise me for my creation:)

Serves 2

(a lot of these measurements will depend on the size of your bread so just adjust with more or less ingredients to fill your bread)

4 slices thick whole grain bread

6-8 slices of brie

4 lengthwise slices of ripe pear

1/4 c pure maple syrup

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Handful of spinach leaves

Take maple syrup and cinnamon and whisk in small bowl, brush across both slices of bread.

photo 1

Place two length wise slices of pear onto bread, followed by brie and spinach.

photo 4

Place other slice of bread on top.  Grease pan and place over medium heat.  Place panini in pan with panini press or plate over it to weigh it down.

photo 2-1

Watch carefully and flip sandwich over when bread is browned.

photo 3-1

Remove from heat when other side is browned and brie is melted.  If your bread is browned but your cheese is still not fully melted, remove it from heat and pop it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.



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