Meal Planning Mondays Week 1: 6 Easy, Cheap & Healthy Recipes


Week 1: (Spaghetti & Zucchini Squash Bake, Pear & Brie Paninis, Easy Taco Skillet, Breakfast Burritos, Sesame Noodles, Baked Mustard Chicken)

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  1. Erica W. says

    wow, you go! look all so delish…..unfortunately as much as i’d be very happy to make a weekly menu like this my significant other would probably not be too thrilled with. tonight cheese/veg quesdillas and homemade refried beans…he likes but always seems to want very filling meat and potatoes…..sigh. i love spaghetti squash….no one else will touch here the last time i tried making…..does C eat it? : (

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