4 Easy Meals Using Kale

4 Easy Meals Using Kale

4 Easy Meals Using Kale

I’ve been singing this vegetable’s praises all week long so I thought I would end the week with a compilation of recipes that incorporate kale!  Kale is the “hot” vegetable on the block these days and it’s no wonder – it’s high in iron, vitamin K (which prevents numerous types of cancer), and antioxidants.  It is an anti-inflammatory which can help fight against arthritis and autoimmune disorders.  It can lower cholesterol, contains vitamin A (which preserves vision), and is high in fiber.  Need I say more?

Eating it raw may not be the best tasting way to pack this powerhouse veggie into your diet so here are 4 recipes that can sneak kale into your weekly meals:)

Kale & Italian Sausage Mini Calzones

Lemon Chicken & Kale Rice Bowls w/ Toasted Pine Nuts

Kale & Brown Rice Stuffed Red Peppers

Kale & Orzo Minestrone


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