DIY Summer Part II: The Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation1As I talked about in my DIY Summer Part I post, the last 3-4 months we have been busy giving our 1950s ranch some much needed updates.  Jonathan and I were excited after having finished our kitchen backsplash to dive into renovating our one and only full bath.  We had been talking and talking about it, made a list of steps that would need to take place for us to complete it, picked out our tile, vanity, and grout.  The only thing left to do was pull the trigger and get started demolishing the bathroom.  We were hesitant mostly b/c this was our one and ONLY full bathroom. Once we pulled the trigger, there was no turning back.  And so one Wednesday night a couple of months ago, we did just that.  Pulled the trigger.

We started by taking out our original 1950s vanity which came out with hardly a tug (No J did not need to hammer the thing off…but we had fun taking fake intense demolition pics)!  Oh the joy I felt from ripping that thing out…it smelled and is was nasty and I couldn’t wait to replace it with something new and white.

Bathroom Demolition

Next was the tile that surrounded every inch of our bathroom walls.  This is where we began to get in over our heads.  With every piece that fell, we started to realize that huge gapping holes were being created in our walls as old mastic and chunks of plaster fell to the ground along with our tiles.  And it was hard work!  Every tile had to be hammered off by hand.  It became clear that we were either going to have to have someone re-drywall (which would have meant taking the walls down to the studs) or we were going to need to put bead board up to disguise the uneven walls.

photo 3

Next was the flooring.  Perhaps the biggest pain in my side.  It was one of those floors that no matter how much you cleaned it, it still looked dirty and old.  And it was no wonder, as we began to peel back the black and white checkered linoleum, we discovered 3 other layers of old linoleum, the last of which looked like an 80s style sweater gone wrong.  It was a tedious project peeling this stuff back in 1 inch pieces.  We were eventually told by our handyman, that we would be fine to just lay down another sub-floor covering the remaining linoleum…good news!

photo 4

At this point we were bathroomless for about 4-5 days.  We were showering ourselves and our girls at friends houses and it was getting old.  We made the call at this point to contract out our tile work.  1. B/c the thought of laying down the tile ourselves sounding exhausting. 2. It would have taken us weeks to finish the work by ourselves at night after the girls went to bed.  BEST MONEY EVER SPENT!  We could never have laid tile as well as or as fast as our contractor.  Had we had the time and extra shower, we would have done it ourselves.

So the floors were laid and the tile surround in the shower was completed.  We also hired a carpenter to put in beadboard throughout the bathroom to disguise our uneven walls.  He also installed custom shelves above our toilet.  We did not replace the original tub, but decided to have it reglazed.  We saved here as well and the tub looks brand new.

Two weeks into the project, we were able to shower in our own shower and it was GLORIOUS!  I still step out of the shower every day and can’t believe that this is our bathroom!  It’s simple and was done on a dime but it is new, clean and fresh and feels luxurious to me:)  Below are the materials we used.  We did go over our original budget by using contractors on our tile and walls, but to us, everything was done right and quickly and that was worth the money spent.  Here she is in all her beauty (product details below too)…I’m so proud:)





Shower Tile: Daltile 6 x 8 Gloss White Ceramic Wall Tile

Floor Tile: Daltile Grand Cayman Oyster 12 x 12 Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile

Shower Grout: Polybend Snow White

Tile Grout: Polyblend Antique White

Vanity: Glacier Bay Del Mar 36 in. Vanity

Faucet: Pfister Cantara Faucet

Light Fixture: Hampton Bay 3-Light Brushed Nickel Light Fixture

Paint: Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige and a lot of white enamel paint for the bead and base board!

Shower Curtain: PotteryBarn (No longer sold)

Mirror: HomeGoods

Baskets: TJ Maxx

Decorative Stool: Hobby Lobby


  1. Sarah Jo says

    It looks fabulous! It is so clean and crisp. Kudos for your patience and handiwork! I love our house but holy heck, the paint colors throughout are awful. But there’s no way I’m repainting the CEILINGS and all the other crazy stuff the homeowners have painted when it’s not ours.

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