Welcome to The Unmeasured Scoop! I’m Erin – wife to a pastor and momma to two precious girls.  It’s been a crazy ride over the past 7 years – single to married, no kiddos to two, professional to stay at home mom.  My days went from conference calls, meetings, reports and business travel to nursing, spit-up, sleepless nights, ouchies, sippy cups, and Doc McStuffins.

Lots of tears have been shed wondering where in the world that put together professional woman has gone.  A good day is me putting on anything other than spandex work out pants covered in dried bananas!  The Lord has used this time to bring me to the end of myself, reminding me that He made me, takes care of me and is in the process of renewing me through whatever means He sees fit (ie spit up, sippy cups and sleepless nights).

So where am I now?  Still a hot mess, still in process, still crying some days, still buried in diapers, princess toys and WubbaNubs, but also more in need of Jesus than I ever have been before.  I am so thankful that He leads me, kicking and screaming, into the rest that is found in giving up what I think I want and instead points me towards the only thing I need – Him.

I have always loved food, but since becoming a wife and mom, I love to cook.  While I would love to have time for the fancy stuff (and on rare occasions do), reality is that I have a one year old hanging on my leg and our food needs to be yummy, simple, healthy and budget friendly.  So this blog is a way for me to chronicle meals that hit those categories.

I am a perfectionist in all other ways in life – except in cooking.  I throw a little bit of this and a little bit of that in, experiment, and just make stuff that sounds delish.  My husband always revels at how I never use a measuring cup for anything when I cook.  I’m just plain against it – I love the freedom of pouring, scooping and dashing!  Hence, The Unmeasured Scoop.  And I’m sure there’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere, but I’ll let you piece that together.  Despite the name, I won’t let you fly blind.  I provide measurements with all of the recipes.  So come on in and kick your shoes off – dried banana pants, tears and all:)