Soft & Chewy Toffee Cookie Bars


Well, the National Championship didn’t quite pan out the way that any of us Kentucky Wildcats fans would have hoped.  We sat in our living room watching the game until midnight.  Jonathan yelled at the TV for 2 straight hours while I worked on the blog and gave out a shout here and there.  Seriously,… 

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The Perfect Guacamole & A National Championship


So in case you haven’t heard The Kentucky Wildcats are GOING TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!! AHHHHH….cue the Hoosiers soundtrack!!! When you work with college students and live in a college town you naturally absorb the Cats fever and there’s nothing better than having a winning team to root for. This town bleeds blue and our… 

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Homemade London Fog + Other Tea Latte Combos!


As I’ve shared in previous posts, it has been my goal for some time now to cut back on my Diet Coke consumption.  No judgement here if you’re a Diet Coke lover (I will always be at heart)…it has just left me feeling not so great over the years and I decided it is time… 

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Dark Chocolate Cowboy Bark


My mother in law was so sweet to come help me with the girls while Jonathan was gone last week.  We made a run over to Trader Joe’s for some goodies – wine, flowers, tea and we also discovered TJ’s Dark Chocolate Cowboy Bark.  Have y’all had this stuff?!  It is soooooo yummy.  You get… 

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Red Quinoa Cauliflower Chicken Casserole


Daddy is home and all is right with the world!!  Jonathan and his students had an amazing trip to Jamaica serving the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf.  Check out CCCD’s website and read about all of the awesome ways the Lord is using this ministry!  Our students and Jonathan helped build a section of… 

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Power Quinoa Salad w/ Lemon Honey Viniagrette


While the hubby is away, the girls and I have been trying to fill our days with play dates, peanut butter and honey sandwiches for dinner and pbs cartoons…thank you lord for pbs kids and 30 minutes of distraction!  The other day we went to play over at a friend’s house and my friend Erica… 

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Peach Flax Green Smoothie


I’ve been stuck inside for 3 solid months…gray skies, ice, sleet and snow – you name it, we’ve had it this winter!  But today, oh today the heavens opened up and warmed this little town to a beautiful 73 degrees.  I wore opened toed shoes and the girls and I played in the back yard… 

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Healthy Almond Ricotta Bread Pudding (Dessert for Two)


People, people – I think this could be the BEST thing I have EVER made.  Let me set the scene.  I have been feeling crummy the last few days.  I came home after picking the girls up from school and laid them down for naps.  I was needing something comforting and yummy.  Solution #1 –… 

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Simple Homemade Candied Pecans (using maple syrup)


Last night, we had a group of students over who are going with Jonathan on a spring break missions trip to Jamaica. Jamaica has approximately 2,500 deaf children. Mission To the World in partnership with CCCD (Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf) hosts teams at four different project sites. Three of these are CCCD school… 

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Chicken Florentine Casserole


This past weekend the pastor’s wives of our church gathered to glean wisdom from a woman who is so very dear to me and 30 years our senior (she would kill me if she saw that!).  She sat and talked to us about raising children, serving husbands in ministry and the ups and downs of… 

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