Garden Bounty – White Kale & Squash Naan Pizza


Our garden has been nothing to write home about this year.  We started out with high hopes of being able to produce tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, kale, mixed lettuces, strawberries, peppers and jalapeños.  We are about 3/4 of the way through summer and I have picked one green pepper from our garden, ripped out our mixed… 

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Easy Winter Dinners Part 2


Ok, Part 2 of Easy Winter Dinners includes a wonderful revelation I had at Trader Joe’s a couple of months back. I was shopping (getting pulled into buying way more than what I need…ahhhh but it all looks so good!) and in the spot where they hand out samples, they had paired some of their… 

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Easy Winter Dinners Part 1


I don’t know what happened…but I blinked and it is now mid-November.  Life with kiddos and our college students has been busy, busy, busy.  I’m ready for Thanksgiving and a few days of down time and of course, lots of great food:) Because of how busy life has been, meals around here have been kept… 

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Harvest Chicken Quinoa Soup


Fall is in the air around here!  We came back from our RUF Fall Retreat at Camp Greystone this weekend and when we returned to Lexington, our weather had taken a turn towards cooler temperatures…Praise the Lord!  I love Fall and all of the recipes and cookin that comes with it.  So to kick off the… 

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Lemon Dill Tuna Salad


Lets talk about canned tuna – one of those strange foods that I love but if left to think too long about really grosses me out.  So I totally understand if you fall in the “grosses me out” category!  Perhaps this recipe will make you give it one more shot. Did you know there are different… 

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Cilantro-Lime Mexican Hamburgers


Our fam just got back from a week at the beach with our students.  Laguna Beach Christian Retreat may have painted over their air-brushed Jesus, but that’s about all that has changed since I went to RUF Summer Conference as a student many years ago.  Laguna is a nostalgic place for me and so much fun… 

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Red Quinoa Cauliflower Chicken Casserole


Daddy is home and all is right with the world!!  Jonathan and his students had an amazing trip to Jamaica serving the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf.  Check out CCCD’s website and read about all of the awesome ways the Lord is using this ministry!  Our students and Jonathan helped build a section of… 

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Chicken Florentine Casserole


This past weekend the pastor’s wives of our church gathered to glean wisdom from a woman who is so very dear to me and 30 years our senior (she would kill me if she saw that!).  She sat and talked to us about raising children, serving husbands in ministry and the ups and downs of… 

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Quinoa Caprese Bake


A couple of weeks back I made this wonderful Fiesta Quinoa Casserole by Cooking Quinoa.  Our family devoured it and thought wouldn’t it be great to make a caprese version with mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil.  I took the base of her recipe and made it my own.  For me, there are few combos better… 

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Easy Crock Pot Taco Soup (Vegeterian)


It was Sunday afternoon and I wanted something SUPER easy that I could throw in the crock pot, take a LONG nap and wake up to a ready-to-go dinner!  This recipe hit all those requirements and was delicious.  You can also add some cooked ground turkey if you want the heartier, meat version:) Serves 6-8… 

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