Garden Bounty – White Kale & Squash Naan Pizza


Our garden has been nothing to write home about this year.  We started out with high hopes of being able to produce tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, kale, mixed lettuces, strawberries, peppers and jalapeños.  We are about 3/4 of the way through summer and I have picked one green pepper from our garden, ripped out our mixed… 

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Healthy Almond Ricotta Bread Pudding (Dessert for Two)


People, people – I think this could be the BEST thing I have EVER made.  Let me set the scene.  I have been feeling crummy the last few days.  I came home after picking the girls up from school and laid them down for naps.  I was needing something comforting and yummy.  Solution #1 –… 

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Chicken Florentine Casserole


This past weekend the pastor’s wives of our church gathered to glean wisdom from a woman who is so very dear to me and 30 years our senior (she would kill me if she saw that!).  She sat and talked to us about raising children, serving husbands in ministry and the ups and downs of… 

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In a Pinch Thursdays: Easy Schmeezy Stuffed Shells

Easy Schmeezy Stuffed Shells

This classic dish is one that is oh so simple and full of flavor.  It serves a crowd or you can eat off the leftovers for days (is it just me or does pasta always taste better second day?).  Enjoy:) Serves 4-5 1 12 oz box of jumbo pasta shells 2 c Italian blend shredded… 

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Whole Wheat Spinach White Pizza


I love making homemade pizzas, especially white pizza!  White pizza is a little off the beaten path and fancy enough to make when guests come over minus the hard work and expensive ingredients.  It’s gotta be the ricotta that makes it so yummy.  It’s rising on my favorite cheeses list b/c of its subtlety.  Ricotta… 

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